“Jesus Christ, another blog?” … Yup, my tenth in fact!

If you didn’t know (and really, you should) I’ve been at this since February, 2001, and I’ve had a homepage for longer than that—and no, it wasn’t on GeoCities.

I could probably resurrect my original homepage somewhere; until I do here’s everything else:

2000: Andrew Currie i-Bio

This one’s not a blog, it’s a web biography I did as part of my application to The Canadian Film Centre’s New Media Program (aka nerd school). As such it’s a good primer on my previous lives as a:

Notice how the last date on that page shamelessly links to the Film Centre, presuming that I would get in. And of course I did.

2001-2003: Andrew Currie on GoLive

I started my very first blog as an online diary of my four months at nerd school, and kept at it until the summer of 2003. I used an Adobe web authoring app to make it — Blogger was probably around at the time but I chose to do things the hard way. By this point I had already secured andrewcurrie.ca as my domain, but the webspace I was using came from my ISP and was very limited. Thus, any rich media like photos or video had to be deleted before being replaced by something new, which means that any link to “photos” or “treats” might well be broken.

2003: Andrew Currie on iBlog

My first proper blogging engine. I chose this Mac app solely because it could generate an RSS feed. Everything else about it was crap.

2003: Bosnia Blog

In July of 2003 I got to tour Bosnia and perform for troops stationed there. And wouldn’t you know it, the first week I was away my domain expired and I couldn’t do anything about it except start another blog somewhere else.

2004-2006: Andrew Currie Online

Ah, the golden years… a sweet spot in history before the rise of social networks, but with all the mod cons any blogger could ask for. Zomagherd, comments!

Hardcore blogging geeks should probably know that this blog was originally authored using something called ExpressionEngine; years later I exported the content to WordPress, learing some painful lessons along the way about data portability and standard file formats.

2006-2009: Andrew Currie on WordPress

My first WordPress experience. To this day I recommend WordPress.com to any aspiring blogger — by the time they run out of upload space or discover the wonders of plugins they’ll be ready to move on to a self-hosted WordPress installation to call their own.

I’d probably still be blogging there if it wasn’t for Nokia. From 2007 to 2009 I was shamelessly shilling for them and reaping some pretty sweet benefits, from review phones to free trips across Canada and the USA. Unfortunately there wasn’t yet a really a good WordPress solution for smartphones, so I started looking elsewhere for my blogging needs.

2009: Andrew Currie on Posterous / Blogger / LiveJournal / Tumblr / Xanga (?!!)

I wasn’t here long but I was pretty active while I was. The great thing about Posterous was that I could post via email. The bad thing about Posterous was that there was no way to export my data. But the great thing about Posterous was that you could autopost to any number of other blogs—like WordPress—and save your content from there.

But the bad thing about auto-posting was that I dumped my Posterous shit almost everywhere. My bad on that.

2010-2012: Open attitude

My noble attempt to preach the good gospel of all things open — like Android, Linux, copyright reform… At the start I was posting five days a week, but eventually I got a life and wrote there less often. I still believe in all that stuff, of course; I guess I just got tired of being so preachy.

I do still post links to that site’s Twitter account and Facebook Page from time to time — Identi.ca too, but I’m clearly out of my league among the freedom beards there.

2012: My Phone Book

Last year I wrote a book, a personal memoir of all the mobile phones I’ve every owned dating back to 1996. It wasn’t hard to do, really, just incredibly tedious. I’ve got another book in me, but first I should probably put some effort into promoting this one.

So yeah, please download my free book. kthxbi.

So now you’re all caught up. How long will I be blogging here? No idea, enjoy it while it lasts—I’ll tell you when it’s time to move on.

Oh wait, here’s one more…

2013: The Devil’s Advocates

My comedy act had a deliberately ghetto website waaayyy back in the 1990s, possibly on GeoCities. This one’s better.