A Quick Photo Tour of the Nikon Museum in Tokyo

Yours truly was lucky enough to find himself in Tokyo on his most recent birthday, and celebrated the occasion with a visit to the Nikon Museum at the company’s head office near Shinagawa station. Nikon itself is celebrating 100 years in business; If I’m not mistaken they built the exhibit specifically to mark the event.

Here’s a quick photo tour of what I found inside…

By the way, a big thanks to the redditors on r/Nikon; if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have heard about the museum in the first place. I think someone there was wondering about an unreleased medium format camera prototype; here it is!

Just beyond the prototypes is an entire wall dedicated to what looks like every single camera that they’ve ever released. A few of my personal highlights…

A limited edition FA in gold trim. Looks pretty swish.

The first Nikon I ever owned. Rotating lens barrel ftw!

And my current Nikon DSLR. Before you go and check the EXIF data on these photos I’ll come clean and confess that everything you see here was actually shot on an Olympus. Shooting with it was a lot better than my first mirrorless camera experience, but I have to say that I’m less than happy with the results. More on that in a future post…

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