As Product Tie-ins Go, This One’s Pretty Sweet

Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition

You’re looking at what will likely be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition, reportedly launching next week. I myself have not really been a Marvel fanboy since I was teenager, but even I have to admit… that gold and crimson colour scheme looks great!

It’s apparently just the beginning of a big partnership between Samsung and Marvel Worldwide, Inc. to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron, already playing on screens across North America. If further rumours and renderings are to be believed, each Avenger will get their own SGS6E edition. For regular Galaxy S6 owners there’s already a line of official Avengers-themed cases available in the UK.

Avengers Collection

Here’s the entire collection. Ant-Man fans will have to wait for the next movie, I guess. 😛