English Beat - Wha'ppen

Great album, and not at all the subject of today’s post…

Since August of 2013 pretty much every new post on this site has material intended for the Howard Forums. That’s one post per weekday, week in and week out, except for holidays, vacations and such. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that last week’s serving came up a little short.

Like The Beat say, wha’ppen?

I guess I remembered that I used to run this other blog that was similarly focused on smartphones, carriers and such. It was called Open attitude, and last week I started blogging there again:

Oa Banner

That is to say, last week I started assembling mobile-related posts intended for Howard Forums there instead of here.

Oh, and I’ve also started another blog called TravelWhut:

TravelWhut Grab

Still finding my voice on this one, but I did see a need for something other than cheap airfares and photo galleries of what, for those of us who aren’t millionaires, are entirely unobtainable travel experiences. So more of an anti-travel blog, really…

And now the obvious question: Seeing how I used blog on both technology and travel here, and it looks like I’m no longer doing that, then WTF is the point of this site?!!

My hope is that it will end up being a place for posts not directly related to tech or travel. Of course, I ran another blog like that once and ended up abandoning it, so who knows? And all this on the day when the site is barely staying online under the strain of relentless incoming clicks from r/Android… Yes, truly I suck at SEO, and wouldn’t have it any other way. 😛