OnePlus Still Not Shipping to Canada

OnePlus Power Bank

I was all set to order a pair of OnePlus Power Banks when they became available for purchase yesterday, but was informed on the check-out screen that OnePlus “currently does not ship to Canada”.

Up until February or so of this year, OnePlus used DHL Express to get their gear delivered north of the 49th Parallel. For customers residing here it was an expensive proposition; the three OnePlus Ones that I’ve ordered have come with hefty surcharges—$60 to $65 CAD per item in duties, taxes and fees. This on top of the $27.99 USD premium paid for Express Shipping, the only available option for Canada. In other words, that $349 USD flagship killer has, in each case, ended up costing me closer to $500 CAD.

An admin on their forums confirmed back in February that OnePlus has indeed temporarily suspended shipping to this country:

We have heard a lot of feedback from our Canadian users who haven’t been completely satisfied with the shipping options available. We are exploring new logistics options and will resume shipping to Canada in the next few weeks.

But more than a month later, the embargo is still in effect.

The good news, at least for current OnePlus One owners, is that a power bank is kind of unnecessary. Even without the battery-optimized official build of Cyanogen OS my phone has no issues getting through a full day of heavy use. Some further proof: the pair of super-cheap Xiaomi equivalents that I brought back with me from Hong Kong are still sealed in their boxes on my desk.

But it’s certainly a shame for any of my fellow Canadians who’ve not yet had the pleasure of experiencing my personal pick for best Android device of 2014. The OPO really is a fantastic (not so) little smartphone, and deserves to be in the hands of anyone who can appreciate it.