OpenSignal’s Update on the Worldwide State of LTE

LTE Speeds via Quartz

What happened, Australia?

OpenSignal, the network diagnostics company that more or less told me where to take my summer vacation last year, have released their State of LTE report for Q1, 2015. What you’re looking at above are the average LTE download speeds, ranked by country. I got this particular chart from Quartz.

You may be somewhat surprised by the rankings of both Canada and the US, but the numbers make sense if you consider the inconsistency of speeds across a relatively large area of service. Hong Kong surprised me too—I would never have guessed that it would rank below Canada. The only explanations I can think of are (1) 3G/TD-SCDMA handsets are more useful for frequent visits to mainland China, and (2) LTE service is lacking because Hong Kongers are too cheap to pay for it. 😉

But the real head-scratcher is Australia’s apparent fall from grace, dropping from the number one country with LTE service to 14th overall in only a year. It’s important to remember that all of OpenSignal’s data comes from the users of their mobile app. In other words, the more of us that sign on, the better that data will be!

Read the full report and download the app at the links below: