Prepare Thyself for the Jesus Watch

Jesus Watch

Even before the release of the first-generation iPhone, the tech press—pretty sure it was Gizmodo—started referring to it as the “Jesus Phone”. With all the hype I’m reading about today’s Spring Forward Event, I don’t see why the same divine label can’t also apply to Apple’s auspicious first foray into the wearables racket.

Since the Apple Watch was announced last September a fair amount of news about it has made its way into the daily round-ups I post to the front page, so in advance of today’s proceedings I thought I’d get us all up to speed with a quick check in our collective rear-view mirror.

Of the eight links that follow, Re/code, Tech in Asia and TechRadar are responsible for one each. Two links are from iPhone in Canada and the rest are from iVerge. I’d say that’s fairly balanced; hopefully you’ll agree.

Why the Apple Watch can afford to cost thousands of dollars

The above post is actually about the precedent set by luxury smartphone-maker Vertu, but I think we all know the other answer here: people pay top dollar for Apple products because they’re status symbols. That’s not all they are, of course—fans make convincing arguments about a superior user experience and integration with other Apple and non-Apple products. But let’s be honest, there’s an obvious explanation for those long lineups outside Apple Stores on launch days: bragging rights.

Tim Cook Says Apps Will Make the Apple Watch as Essential as the iPhone

The Apple Watch is the first new product category developed and launched entirely under CEO Tim Cook, so it’s an especially big deal. Looking at the lifeless LG G Watch on my desk that hasn’t seen any use since 2014, I can say with some confidence that there is no killer app for smart watches, at least not yet. Will said killer app drop at today’s event? That’s the million dollar question…

11 things we just learned about how the Apple Watch works

This is iVerge’s backgrounder on WatchKit, the developer toolkit for the Apple Watch. It’ll give you a better idea of the user experience, especially from within an app.

Before Apple Watch: the timely history of the smartwatch

Apple didn’t invent the smart watch, just like it didn’t invent the mobile app store or the portable music player. But, as is their forte, Apple tends to take existing products and make them more elegant and appealing. Take a tour through the delightfully clunky history of other smart watches, with the possible exception of Android Wear and Pebble—the latter’s new Timeline UI makes the most sense of any wearable interface I’ve seen thus far.

Apple Watch Battery Life Rumoured to Last 4 Hours of App Usage

The headline is a bit confusing; what iPhone in Canada means is that, according to their sources, the battery in the Apple Watch will only survive four hours of constant use. That doesn’t seem like a lot; on the other hand, watch users tend not to stare at their wrists for hours at a time.

Apple wanted to build a far smarter Watch, but couldn’t find the technology

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Apple Watch’s aspirations as a multifunctional health-monitoring device had to be scaled back, due to a lack of available technology and an increasing “black hole” of research and development. That’s not good.

New Poll Shows Only 7% of iPhone Buyers Intend to Buy the Apple Watch

This according to an analyst from Piper Jaffray… What’s worse is that the numbers are down from an earlier poll of iPhone users by CNET, citing a 10% rate of interest in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is a stupid idea, and it shows Apple is falling behind in innovation

Tech in Asia, from a market where it’s been nothing but good news for Apple, posted this rather surprising damnation of the Apple Watch. According to them, Apple’s ambitions for their first wearable are far too low. I guess this goes back to the “killer app” that would make a smart watch a must-have device.

If you’re interested in watching Apple’s event, set to begin at 1pm Eastern, it’s all going down right here. Windows and Linux users can also get in on the action by following these instructions.