Bring on the Huawei Nexus!

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Can I tell you how long I’ve longed for a smartphone from Huawei with an unlockable bootloader?

Every winter when my girlfriend and I visit Hong Kong someone at a phone shop invariably tries to sell me on the latest from this Chinese OEM. And why not? Their “Ascend P” line of sleek, metal and glass smartphones are gorgeous. And phablets? Son, Huawei was doing 6 inch phones long before 6 inch phones were even a thing.

The company’s no slouch when it comes to moving hardware, either. In his final numbers for 2014 Tomi Ahonen ranked Huawei 4th in sales worldwide with 75 million units shipped, ahead of Xiaomi at 61.1 million.

The bad news, as is the case with most Android OEMs, is that the stock ROM on their products is crap. Huawei calls theirs Emotion UI, and most reviews I read of Huawei products—at least from the Western tech press—have nothing good to say about it.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to read this bit of news on GizmoChina:

Kevin Yang, the Director of China Research at iSuppli, a leading market research firm, confirmed on Weibo earlier today that Google has indeed chosen Huawei as the next Nexus maker.

Hot damn!

That article goes on to mention that LG has also been tapped for a new Nexus device. LG’s Nexus might end up being a tablet, or it’s also entirely possible that there will be two Nexus phones this year—a high-end phablet from LG and a more compact and affordable phone from Huawei. Either way, as far as I’m concerned, the more unlockable bootloaders there are out there, the better. To be fair, you can already unlock the bootloaders on some Huawei devices, but I don’t see any of their high-end products in the drop-down list here.

If a Huawei Nexus ends up shipping before the end of 2015 I’ll take it as proof of what I’ve always suspected, that the Nexus 6 is a flop. Maybe they’ll codename this one “apology”. 😛

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  1. Hi,perhaps you are not aware of the past for Huawei,ZTE,Xiaomi,Coolpad,etc. All Chinese oem’s. The first two have been investigated by the US congress and found to be security risks. And the last two recently found with backdoors installed,with questionable excuses. Perhaps they have cleaned up the US models? But with the attack on github this past week by the Chhinese government,any phone that connects back to China is vulnerable to “man on the side” attacks. Similar to “man in the middle” but able to inject code into any browser that crosses the “Great Firewall” and co-opting the browsers to lauch Eros attacks on any domain. And all Chinese devices will connect back to some url in China. Like Baidu analytic’s for instance.(see your ESFile explorer article). Google: github/ ddos.

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