Don’t be a Derp, Use TWRP!


Yup, that’s the official tagline, straight from their Google+ community

In case you needed one more reason to take control of your Android experience, today I’m posting a quick screenshot tour of Team Win’s Recovery Project—aka TWRP. I got the idea after my frustrations last week with the latest OTA for my OnePlus One. I’ll not mince words here: most stock recoveries for Android are crap. Boot into your typical recovery and you’ll have next to no idea of what’s going on, much less any say in it.

TWRP is pretty much the opposite of that.

TWRP Home Screen

Here’s the home screen for the latest build, v2.8.5.1. ClockWorkMod may have been the first custom recovery on the market, but TWRP was the first to support touch, hence the big buttons. If you don’t like what you see TWRP is apparently themeable; I’ve honestly never bothered.

TWRP Factory Reset

The first benefit of using a custom recovery is that you can do a factory reset without wiping your device’s internal storage—your Google credentials will be gone but your photos and other media will remain. Try that with a stock recovery…

TWRP Flash

Of course, a custom recovery’s raison d’être is to allow the manual flashing of custom ROMs, and the appropriate Google apps package if the user so desires…

TWRP Backup

Flashaholics also appreciate the ability to “roll back” to a previous state by backing up the entire image of their device…

TWRP Restore

… And restoring as needed.

TWRP ADB Sideload

TWRP has some additional advanced features that I’ve never used, and one that I have. ADB Sideload enables the user to flash zips directly from their computer, without having to transfer files to the device first. However, as of version 2.8.0 TWRP supports Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) so this useful feature isn’t even needed anymore—connect your phone or tablet via USB and your internal storage will mount on your computer as a removable drive… in recovery mode! Somewhere along the line TWRP also enabled screen grabs via the power/volume down key combo. This thing just gets better and better with every release.

To find out if your device supports TWRP first check the search box on Team Win’s project page, then figure out how to unlock your bootloader—or see if there’s an available exploit, like Bump! for the LG G3.

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