A Work in Progress: Xposed Alpha for Android L

Xposed Lollipop Icon

This time last year I was still waiting on a good KitKat-based custom ROM for my Nexus 5. Filling in the gap was something I hadn’t tried on previous rooted devices, the Xposed Framework. For this modding enthusiast it was a bit of a revelation; using Xposed was like breaking down a custom ROM feature by feature, and installing only those features that I actually wanted—via separate Xposed Modules—onto a stock Android ROM.

For Xposed fans running the very latest version of Android the future looked bleak: Xposed was built for the Dalvik runtime and, as we all know, Android 5.0 uses ART exclusively. The good news: despite earlier denials, the developer of Xposed has released a new version of the framework that works with Android L.

And now some more bad news: at least some of the modules that you probably want to install don’t work. At least not yet.

A redditor on r/Android started a spreadsheet detailing the various available modules and their compatibility with Android L. Having some experience with Xposed myself, I was saddened to see the following:

The news isn’t all bad, though; some other noteworthy modules are apparently ready to go:

I’ve only used YouTube AdAway myself, but have heard good things about the other two. Every user has different needs, of course, so your interest in Xposed for Lollipop will depend on the modules that you want to use with it.

And I should probably disclose that I haven’t actually installed any of this on Howard’s Nexus 6, as that device is currently a testbed for L-based custom ROMs. But when I get around to re-flashing the factory image I can show off Xposed in action if enough of you want me to.

In the meantime here’s some further reading on this new release of Xposed: