“Never Settle” for an Invite Again

OnePlus Open Sales

This isn’t going to be terribly convenient for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone but it’s still good news, I think. On the heels of an r/OnePlus rumour comes official confirmation from the OnePlus Blog: starting this week (I think?) the OnePlus One will be available for purchase every Tuesday, no invite required.

The open sales window will start, as per the image above, at midnight if you live on the West Coast, 3am on the East Coast. If the latter is too early (or late) for you, you can still use an invite the other six days of the week.

You’ll recall that the OPO topped my personal list of Android devices tested last year:

SIM-unlocked? Check. Unlockable bootloader? Check. Gobs of onboard storage? Check. Better than stock Android experience? Thanks to Cyanogen’s Privacy Guard, check. Surprisingly affordable? Check.

If you already own a OnePlus One you’ll notice the lack of CyanogenMod branding on the device pictured above. That’s definitely a thing, but not something to worry about: even without the branding OPOs are still shipping with CM onboard. At least for now.

Oh, and if you happen to reside in India (or know someone who does), you (they) will be able to purchase a OnePlus One sans invite from Amazon, tomorrow only. I’m really happy to see production ramping up on this fantastic not-so-little device. Now if they’d only start selling that power bank