Say Hello to Saygus

Saygus V2

Finishing off the week with a public service announcement: You can pre-order the Saygus V² at a special price until tomorrow night at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time. What on earth is the Saygus V²? Right, I should probably explain that!

Let’s start with the company itself… Utah-based Saygus has been manufacturing Android-powered phones since at least 2009. Their claim to fame, according to their website, is that they are “the only smartphone startup to ever receive certification from a US carrier”. That carrier would be Verizon and the device in question would be the Saygus VPhone V1. I can’t find any evidence that it actually ever made it onto Verizon store shelves.

Anyway, six years later Saygus is back with what they’re calling the V². Set to ship in 6 to 8 weeks, it shares a number of features with my favourite Android devices, adding some notable improvements to the mix.

Like the Nexus 5, the V² has a 5 inch screen and a camera with optical image stabilization. Unlike the Nexus the front-facing camera on the  V² also has image stabilization. That front camera captures 13 megapixels, the rear one 21 megapixels—about the same as a Sony Xperia Z3. Like the Z3 the V² has a hardware shutter button, and also a lanyard loop. I miss lanyard loops.

Like the OnePlus One the Saygus V² will ship with 64 GB of onboard storage. To this it will add not one but two microSD slots for a total combined storage capacity of up to 320 GB (!!!) Like the OPO the V² will have a 3100 mAh battery; unlike OnePlus the battery on the Saygus will be removable.

Like the HTC One M7 and M8 the V² will feature front-firing stereo speakers. The ones from Saygus were developed by Harman Kardon.

In addition to all of this the V² will also sport a fingerprint scanner, fractal antenna for better reception, “developer mode” (unlockable bootloader) and something I’ve not heard of before, Wireless HD:

Created by the team that brought the HDMI technology to our TV’s, Wireless HD (60 GHz) is an impressive feature of the V². Anything on the screen of the V² can be projected to a TV monitor with a USB or HDMI port using an WiHD dongle from up to 40 feet away. Play games, make presentations, watch movies, show photos, content or surf the web on big screens with no software required.

If you pre-order the V² before the Saturday night deadline you’ll get $50 off the introductory price of $599 USD. Saygus is also promising to include an extra battery and glass screen protector for its first customers.

Now the bad news: Saygus has no entry in Google’s database of supported Android devices, and despite rumours an official CM build there’s no official acknowledgement of Saygus from CyanogenMod, either.

If you were still interested in the V²—and there are certainly good reasons to be—you should sign up for the company’s newsletter on their website as soon as you can. It won’t be enough to enter the code “v2preorder” at checkout; Saygus will apparently verify that you’ve pre-registered before they’ll grant you the discount and perks.