Just How Big is the Nexus 6?

Glad Sandwich Bags

Short answer: It’s big.
Long answer: Let me show you just how big…

I get a lot of inspiration for what I write here from listening to podcasts. Rain or shine, I try to put aside an hour or so somewhere in my day to take a long walk and listen to someone else talk about tech for a change. These days it’s snow that I have to contend with, but thankfully I’ve an ingenious and near-disposable solution to keep the wet stuff off of my phone.

Behold, the humble sandwich bag! It’s today’s visual aid.

Nexus 5 in Sandwich Bag

In case of inclement weather, I used to pop my Nexus 5 into a sandwich bag, seal it up and head out. Clever, huh? In case you were wondering, you can still interact with the screen through the plastic.

Note how the N5 has no problem fitting horizontally, even with a protective TPU case and a protruding headphone plug. Yes, the cable prevents a full seal, but I’ve been out in the pouring rain for an hour at a time and never came home with a wet Nexus.

OnePlus One in Sandwich Bag

Now that I’m using my OnePlus One full time I have to live a little more dangerously. It still fits, but not with my earbuds plugged in. I could get something wireless with Bluetooth but it ultimately wouldn’t matter; my OPO also lives in a TPU case, and the two together don’t fit at all.

Nexus 6 (not quite) in Sandwich Bag

So does the gargantuan Nexus 6 fit into a sandwich bag, with a case and/or earbuds attached? Nope, nope and nope. And there you have it, a quick and dirty visualization of just how big that Nexus phablet really is…