In Search of the Ideal Screen Size

Rage Face - Pondering

Last week I caught a thread on reddit wherein a user conducted a survey of the r/Android community in an attempt to figure out the most popular screen size for an Android-powered phone. Though the results could apply to any smartphone the survey was carried out on a subreddit specific to Android, so I should probably follow suit and post this in the Android forum here.

In the original r/Android post u/ThingsThatMakeMeMad posed the following four questions:

  1. What is the smallest screen size that you would find acceptable in a phone that you wish to purchase?
  2. What is the largest screen size that you would find acceptable in a phone?
  3. What is the ideal screen size for you?
  4. What is your ideal screen resolution, keeping in mind that greater screen resolution = greater battery consumption?

18,158 redditors responded to the survey; you can view the results right here in Google Docs.

Google Docs, of course, lets you visualize your data in different ways. Of the visualizations linked to in the follow-up post, here’s that one that I think is the most instructive:

Ideal Screen Size Chart

Seems pretty clear that, with this sample group at least, 5 inches is the current sweet spot for an Android phone.

It’s worth scrolling through the replies for some other factors to consider. For example, the Android phone market in its entirety likely has less phablets than non-phablets at this particular moment in time; that might not be the case a year from now. Another consideration is the Western—even American—bias of the respondents. Had this survey been conducted in, say, Hong Kong, I’d be willing to bet that the results would have skewed towards a larger screen.