More Than Just a Good Night’s Rest

If I were the owner of this Taipei hotel chain I’d change its name to something more accurate—like maybe: “Eat, Sleep and Be Happy”.

I’ve visited Taipei once before and knew that I wanted to be close to Ximending this time around. The highly-rated CityInn was sold out for New Year’s Eve 2015, so my girlfriend and I took a chance on Just Sleep. We’re glad that we did; it’s a great little hotel!

The “Be Happy” part started right at check-in, where we were immediately upgraded to a family-sized room. While there was no view to speak of—the window faced out to a service corridor—it was honestly an issue for less than 10 seconds; the huge room, complete with Internet-connected desktop computer, more than made up for it. And “Sleep” was definitely not a problem on our huge comfortable bed.

As for “Eat”, we checked out the café in the afternoon and immediately thought to ourselves:

“There’s no way they can serve breakfast in here, it’s tiny!”

Yet the very next morning in a feat of apparent magic the staff had somehow opened up a bunch of hidden doors and voilà—enough tables and space to hold every hungry guest staying there. Breakfast did not disappoint; lots of hot and cold dishes to choose from, and thanks to a fancy machine whichever gourmet coffee you desired was only a press of a button away.

The heart of the Ximending shopping district was at most a leisurely five-minute walk from the hotel; on our last day we discovered an underground walkway that took us straight into Ximen Station on the TRTC. So no complaints about the location, either. Staff at the front desk were very helpful, changing money for us and offering directions whenever asked. We really enjoyed our stay at Just Sleep and would gladly eat, sleep and be happy there again!