Following Up with a New OPO User

One Plus One with Flip Cover

Remember that OnePlus One I got my girlfriend for Christmas? It’s been just over a week since she started using it, so in honour of today’s New Year, New Gear event I thought you all might like to see what she thinks of her new “flagship killer”.

I wouldn’t go so far as to dismiss her as a normob—she knows and runs custom ROMs and understands the value of a rooted device, but probably wouldn’t go through the rigmarole of rooting a phone herself. For the past few years she’s been making do with hand-me-downs from her mobile-obsessed boyfriend, graduating from a Sony Ericsson flip to a BlackBerry Bold, then further upgrading to Nexuses One through 5. Hey, she could certainly do worse. 😎

Her favourite aspects of her new phone are: (1) the big battery, (2) the big screen and (3) the high resolution camera.

Her old Nexus 5 never made it through a day at work, and though I got us a pair of Anker external batteries she ended up using my LG G Watch in the hopes that her Nexus would last longer. Now, with the OnePlus One’s bigger battery, her interest in Android Wear has suddenly vanished. As for the camera, the last ROM we ran on her N5 was the main fork of CyanogenMod; she didn’t even know about the swipeable camera presets on CM11S until I showed her.

Her biggest dislikes about the device are: (1) WiFi dropouts, (2) screen input issues and (3) its size.

WiFi dropouts continue to be an annoyance on both our OPOs. I tried disabling WiFi optimization via a tip in this reddit thread (since deleted for some reason), but the dropouts persist. As for input issues, it’s a widely-known problem with the device, but for us not nearly as big an annoyance as the WiFi bug. And it makes perfect sense that the OPO’s size is both a plus and minus; I myself am still getting used to living large with a phablet.

I asked my girlfriend if she missed anything from her old Nexus. Her answer: only the case she used with it.

She’s a big fan of wallet-style cases—specifically, the kind you can also stuff credit cards and bills into. The official OnePlus case (seen in the photo at the top of this post) is pretty slick, but doesn’t have any cutouts on the inside for cards or cash. Of the available third party options, the ones from MPERO and GMYLE have stitched-in mounts for the phone that don’t fit properly. And the case from GreatShield just doesn’t look as nice as the one from OnePlus. I should probably show it to her anyway, though I have to say that the thought of hard plastic edges grinding up against the screen of her phone makes me cringe a little.

I think her opinion of the OnePlus One can best be summed up in something she admitted to me over the weekend: “I should have taken it with me to Hong Kong like you said…”

Told You So

If you’d like a OnePlus One to call your own, there will be two more chances today to score one without the dreaded invite. Details are here.