Here Come The Selfie Sticks

WSJ Selfie Stick Report

Ok, one final post about my visit to Hong Kong and Taipei, one that’s especially relevant to us here in the West. We need to talk about selfie sticks.

I’ve not yet seen one here on the mean streets of downtown Toronto but the things are all over Southeast Asia, and have been for quite some time. I spent a lot of my trip in the midst of younger folk nonchalantly whipping out their cheap plastic telescoping arms, not really securing their $700-plus phones and assuming the position with their best peace sign/duckface combo. And I’m just standing there with my jaw on the floor.

Now, it seems, the selfie stick craze has hit western shores, with no less than the Wall Street Journal posting a guide to the best ones on the market. I’ll weigh in with my two cents on this phenomenon then let the rest of you discuss.

I totally get the practical value of using a selfie stick. If you’re with friends you can get more of them in the photo; if you’re alone you can capture more scenery behind you. Something else to consider, however, is that you’re taking up way more space with that extended mechanical arm stretched out in front of you. In crowded places—like pretty much any touristy photo opp—this can be a real nuisance. And I’ll say again that the idea of securing an expensive phone to a cheap plastic clamp just makes me cringe.

If you still see a selfie stick in your future here’s the YouTube version of WSJ’s video report:

Alternatively, you can work your way through this handy flow chart from The Oatmeal:

Selfie Sticks - The Oatmeal

Like ’em or not, selfie sticks are coming…