A Hong Kong Knockoff Of The OnePlus One


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? It would explain the Doogee DG580, a OnePlus One clone reviewed by forums member dragon2knight back in November. Here’s another: ASK Computer Technology’s SP588. I first spied it at a mobile kiosk in the same mall where I found the world’s one and only Xiaomi store, and again in a shop on Hong Kong’s famous Apliu Street.

It’s not an exact clone of the OPO—it’s screen size is diagonally half an inch smaller—but like the Doogee it looks like there are more similarities than there are differences. I’m not sure if ASK even ships to this part of the world—some technical error on their site is preventing me from signing up for an account. What’s interesting for me is that I saw zero evidence of the OnePlus One anywhere in Hong Kong, whereas this thing popped up twice.

Here are the key specs for the “designed in Japan” (?) SP588:

OS: Android OS v4.4.2
Screen Size: 5-inch HD IPS
Processor: Quad-core CPU 1.8G (frequency 1.3Hz x4) + GPU 544MHz
Memory: 1GB RAM
Camera: 16 Megapixel camera (exclusive Face Priority Auto shooting)
Memory Cards: Up to 64GB Micro SD Card
Network Mode: 4G LTE+3G+GSM (no further details on LTE bands)
Battery Capacity: 3600mAh
Support Electronic Market, Google, Picasa, etc.

I just checked the Google Play supported devices database and there’s no entry for ASK, something to think about before typing your Google password into this thing—ditto for Doogee, by the way…

ASK Back Cover

That camera assembly looks a lot like the OPO, doesn’t it?

But there are some big differences, too. One is support for removable memory. Another is that the SP588 seems to take a mini rather than micro SIM. And it looks like there’s a removable battery as well.

ASK Speaker Grille

Another notable difference is the Doogee-esque (??) placement of the loudspeaker grille. And it looks like the headset jack is on the bottom of the unit, rather than on top.

But if you go back to that first product shot there’s no mistaking the OnePlus influence, from the raised screen coming out of the metal frame, to the capacitive buttons, to the familiar-looking earpiece grille. Another similarity is the price: the SP588 lists for $1880 HKD, roughly equivalent to $286.75 CAD or $242.50 USD. At that price, I think you’d be better off with the Google-certified OPO. And yet I’ve seen more One Plus Ones “in the wild” in Toronto this past week (one) than I saw during my two weeks in Hong Kong (zero). Weird.