A Holiday Miracle from OnePlus (with surprise twist ending!)

DHL package under our Christmas tree.

How’s this for irony? I needed to get a OnePlus One shipped from Hong Kong before I leave tonight for—you guessed it—Hong Kong. The good news is, OnePlus delivered!

Exactly a week ago this morning, when the OnePlus One once again became available for purchase without invites, I decided to take the plunge for the third time, buying yet another 64 GB model for my better half as a Christmas present. I mean, how could you be the girlfriend of a front page blogger for the prestigious Howard Forums and not have a copy of 2014’s most elusive smartphone to call your own? It was a no-brainer, at least as I saw it, so I placed my order.

Then a funny thing happened. Instead of almost immediately selling out as it had in the past, both the 16 and 64 GB versions of the phone remained in stock throughout the day. And into the evening. And through to Thursday morning. At the 24 hour mark I started to wonder if OPO wasn’t scamming would-be buyers, taking our money before year’s end so that they could bump up their final sales numbers for 2014 (and worry about actually shipping units later). I posted this theory to the OnePlus forum on reddit; some redditors there thought there might be more stock to sell because of the troubles in India, while others schooled me on my poor understanding of economics.

If you’ve never been through the order process on the OnePlus site, your order goes from “Pending Shipment” to “Processing” and then finally  to “Complete”. By Monday morning my order had reached the processing stage, giving me some hope that units might, in fact, ship before the start of 2015. Another thread on r/OnePlus seemed to confirm this. And then, mid-morning yesterday, I got a text from DHL with a tracking number. By lunch hour my shipment was on a delivery truck headed for downtown Toronto, and at exactly 3:05pm that same day the DHL man was knocking at my door. Holiday miracle achieved!

But it’s not all good news. Thanks to a weaker Canadian dollar this is the most expensive OnePlus One I’ve ever bought. This particular order breaks down like so:

$349.00 USD – OnePlus One 64 GB Sandstone Black
$000.00 USD – US Charger, also works in Canada 😛
$007.11 USD – OTG Cable (a little something extra for me)
$027.99 USD – Express Shipping and Handling from DHL

This all adds up to $384.10 USD. Converted to Canadian dollars (and rounded up by my credit card company, I’m sure) I ended up being charged $460.93 CAD. But we’re not done yet; DHL added their own $61.53 in duties, taxes and other fees, bringing the grand total for this shipment up to $522.46 CAD, significantly higher than the $479.06 CAD I paid for my first OPO last summer. But hey, it’s still a lot less than the $800 CAD Google and Motorola are asking for their 64 GB Nexus 6

And the really kooky part? When I presented my girlfriend with her new flagship killer last night here’s what she said:

“We’ve got too much to do before our flight… You can set it up for me when we get back from Hong Kong.”

Jackie Chan Rage Face