Lots of Little Things = One Big Disappointment at the Albert at Bay Suite Hotel

Big Promises

I stayed at this property for four nights in December, 2014 with my girlfriend. She’s a government agent (I will never get tired of saying that!) sent to Ottawa for training; I’m a tech blogger who can pretty much work anywhere, so I tagged along.

This property makes a big, big deal about their big, big suites. As holiday travellers we’re used to smaller but much more modern hotels across Europe and Asia. For us, Albert at Bay got the size right but everything else wrong.


  • Big rooms


  • Location great for government-types; terrible for anyone else
  • Requested “room with view”; got a tiny sliver of Ottawa river through a gap between buildings directly opposite balcony window
  • No desk for laptop
  • Slow WiFi
  • TV unwatchable in evening due to constant buffering issues
  • Cheap coffee maker had misaligned replacement parts and didn’t work properly
  • Coffee in downstairs restaurant pretty awful; ditto for breakfast
  • Noise in hallways from cleaning staff during the day
  • Mystery “thumps” and other noises during the night
  • One-ply Kleenex and toilet paper in bathroom (you monsters!)

To be fair, we did get a special government rate for our stay; had we paid full price it’s entirely possible we would have had a different experience. I suppose if you’re travelling with kids you’ll appreciate the extra space, but if you’re here on business, the Delta and Marriott are each less than a block away; either would be a better choice if you ask me.