Yet Another Example of Canada’s Big Three Competing Only Where They Have To (This Time in Québec)

Bad Dog!

Today I want to bring a thread I found in the Fido forums to a wider audience. The photo above will make sense soon enough.

The thread is called FIDO New Max Plans!!! I’m pretty sure that the exclamation marks are sarcastic. The gist of it is this: Fido customers in Québec are getting a much better deal on data than customers anywhere else in the country. Why? Because competition, that’s why.

The proof is in the screen grabs…

Fido Max Plans - Ontario

As an example, here are Fido’s Max Plans for Ontario customers. 500 MB for eighty bucks? No thanks…

Fido Max Plans - Québec

If you change your location to Québec you may be surprised to find that same eighty bucks will increase your monthly data bucket to a whopping 6 gigabytes. It’s actually not the best deal for LTE data in Canada, but it’s a lot better than that first option—about twelve times better, if I’m not mistaken.

How can this be? Quite simply, really… just as Bell offers better plans to compete with Tbaytel in Thunder Bay, Fido is facing off against Vidéotron in Québec—a quick look at Vidéotron’s English site reveals an almost identical plan with 6 GB of data for $79.95 per month.

In the rest of the country the Big Three are cutting prices and data in lock-step. But make no mistake: this right here is what real competition looks like. Our wireless market could use a lot more of it.