Mobile is Eating The World (and Stats are Cool)

Eating The World

“There is no point in drawing a distinction between the future of technology and the future of mobile. They are the same. In other words, technology is now outgrowing the tech industry.”

Cool story, bro… I’m just here for some sweet, sweet stats.

Over the weekend I caught a story on Forbes about a recent presentation made by Ben Evans, who works at a Venture Capital Firm under some guy who invented Mosaic and Netscape. As this VC firm is mostly funding mobile startups, the presentation skews towards business opportunities in the mobile space. But there are some pretty cool stats rattled off in the first part of the talk; these are what I’ll be sharing with you here today.

For Your Reference

Here’s some embedded source material from the presentation:

The PowerPoint Deck via SlideShare.

Slides plus audio on Vimeo.

Source for both: Ben Evans Presentation: mobile is eating the world.

Just The Facts

So TL;DR mobile is becoming so pervasive that it’s about to “disappear”. Mmkay. Again, what I enjoyed about the talk was the stats. Some of my favourites:

By 2020 80% of the adults on Earth will have a smartphone.

During the last iPhone launch weekend Apple sold twenty-five times more CPUs than there were in all the PCs on Earth in 1995.

There are more mobile users in Sub-Saharan Africa than people with electricity.

7.5 trillion SMS messages pass through the Global network of carriers every year; 7.2 trillion messages are sent through WhatsApp, a company with just 30 engineers.

Smartphones and tablets are now close to half of the consumer electronics industry. 4 billion people buy a new smartphone every two years, versus 16 billion new PC buyers every 5 years.

Android has already eclipsed Microsoft Windows as the world’s dominant operating system. Now Apple, with a smaller market share, is overtaking the entire PC industry as well.

“Digital” and mobile are becoming the predominant forms of communication. Phone calls and email are for your grandparents.

Android and iOS devices together account for 36% of the world’s video players, versus traditional TVs at 24%.

If global LCD display sales were evenly distributed, every human being on Earth would get close to a square foot of screen.

In 2013, global revenue from mobile tech was 1.2 trillion dollars. Only the apparel (1.3 trillion) and car (1.4 trillion) industries made more money globally.

Don’t Panic

So if mobile really is going to “disappear” what does that mean for the future of these forums? So long as there are better phones and plans to be had I somehow think we’ll be alright. 😉