Rooting Your LG G3 Got You Stumped? Try Stump Root!

Stump Root for the LG G3

Looks like LG’s 2014 flagship just got even better…

If you’re the proud owner of an LG G3 you can now take full control of your device—that is, obtain root access—via an on-device rooting tool called Stump Root. I used it this morning to root my locked-to-Bell D852, and can confirm that it works as advertised. Today I’ll take you through the procedure and show you what you can do next.


If you want to cross-reference anything I’ve written below here’s the original thread on XDA:

Stump Root for LG Devices (2012 – 2014)


Before you begin you might want to double-check that your device is listed in the changelog:

Added patch detection
Added Support for D852 Bell 10B
Added Support for D852 Rogers 10B
Added Support for D852G Videotron 10C

Added bruteforce mode for unsupported models
Added Support for Flex D959 TMobile

Added Support for LG-D855 Build/KVT49L.A1407411578

Added Support for LG-F400L Build/KVT49L.F400L10k
Added Support for LG-D851 Build/KVT49L.D85110c
Added Support for LG-D855 Build/KVT49L.A1407214586
Added Support for LG-D855 Build/KVT49L.A1406439589
Added Support for LG-D855 Build/KVT49L.A1407214586
Added Support for LG-D855 Build/KVT49L.A1405331481
Added Support for LG-D858 Build/KVT49L.D85810a

v1.2.0 (current)
Added support for older/other LG devices, like LG OG and LG GPad
* all 2012-2014ish devices should be rootable with stump now

Seeing how Stump Root is basically a packaged low-level bruteforce exploit, it will probably work with your LG device. No guarantees, of course…


  1. Install Stump Root (direct link to .apk file here)
  2. Run Stump Root
  3. Reboot when prompted
  4. Install SuperSU from Play Store (link to Play Store here)
  5. Uninstall Stump Root

One small issue I had was a “parse error” when I transferred the .apk to my G3 from a desktop computer using MTP. Don’t know what that’s about but it’s easily solved; just download the file directly via your on-device web browser of choice. And remember to enable “unknown sources” in the security settings before you install.

Next Steps

So then, how to best enjoy superuser access on a newly-rooted Android device?

My first suggestion would be to download the F-Droid FOSS app market and use that to install AdAway, banishing ads from your G3 forever. See these previous posts I made for more:

In Praise of F-Droid (a Rebuttal to Ars Technica)
Stick it to Google with AdAway

I would also recommend installing the Xposed Framework, and two modules specifically—GravityBox will give you a lot of the functionality that you’d find in a typical custom ROM, while either XPrivacy or AppOpsXposed will make you the master of invasive app permissions. For further reading/listening:

Who Needs a Custom ROM with GravityBox?
Highlights from Mobile Dynasty #10 – We Are All Getting Xposed

Finally, if you wanted to use a custom recovery with your G3 there’s a tool available for that as well. The big names in custom ROMs don’t seem to be available yet, but that could change very soon. Some links:

Bump! – Unlock your LG G3 with TWRP!
Best Custom ROMs for LG G3 (Fast & Stable)

Have fun with your rooted G3!

9 thoughts on “Rooting Your LG G3 Got You Stumped? Try Stump Root!”

  1. I just purchased an LG G3 from Verizon.
    It is VS98611C.
    Stump is telling me “Device is patched, sorry!”

    Is there anyway to root this phone?

    Your help is very appriciated!!

    Mike Lomas
    [phone number redacted]

    1. According to XDA, Stump Root should work with the Verizon version. Have a look through this thread—there may be some useful information there.

      And maybe don’t post your phone number on the Internet? Just a thought. 🙂

      1. Stump could root my VS985 11C. I confirmed that many others were having the same problem. I found the solution in xda posts. Had to downgrade to VS985 10B firmware version. Everything was successful!
        Running Cyanogenmod 11 smoothly.

        Thank you!

  2. My android version on my g3 (international south Korean build ) is KVT49L.A1414630487 And software version v10I-sea-xx. Is it supported ?
    If not Please tell more how do I root it ?

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