Moto Nexus: The Story of Shamu in 90 Seconds

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Here’s another post for Nexus fans. 😎

While listening to the latest episode of the Android Police Podcast I learned more in 90 seconds about “Shamu”—the upcoming Nexus phone from Motorola—than from all the leaks that have been trickling out since the summer. In fact,  I’m pretty sure I read those leaks on Android Police; they’ve a pretty stellar record when it comes to such things.

Their podcast is a bit of a love-hate thing for me; though the writers on it clearly know their stuff there are a lot of cheesy jokes and non sequiturs that too often get in the way. So as a public service I’ll be transcribing the good bits for you here, and providing citations where I can.

The Story of Shamu

You can stream audio from the episode courtesy of Pocket Casts right here. Or you can watch the embedded Google Hangout below. If the timestamp in my link doesn’t work you’ll need to scrub ahead to the 25:50 mark.

Over to you, Liam Spradlin:

So LG was working on a Nexus 6 that was called Jaws, and it was supposed to be 6 inches. Then Android Silver got underway, and eventually the LG Nexus got cancelled when Google thought that Silver was going to overtake the Nexus line. But then Silver started to stagnate, the leader of the program left. But meanwhile, Motorola was working on a device, possibly the Moto S that we’ve heard of. But then eventually that died too, and Google decided that the Nexus program was on after all. And they wanted to use Motorola’s unannounced Silver…

[show momentarily goes off the rails for a pie-in-the-face joke I didn’t really understand]

The reason that, if this phone is Shamu, it looks a lot like just a Motorola device and not a Nexus so far, it’s (a) because it’s still test hardware, but (b) because it could just be a recycled version of a phone that Motorola was already working on for Android Silver. Because we know that the plans changed really quick when it turned out that Silver wasn’t going to be what Google thought it would be. So whether this is or isn’t Shamu we don’t really know, but what we do know is that it’s pretty clear that Shamu is a Nexus device, and it’s supposed to be 5.9 inches. And it seems like it’s based on the Quark device.


The big curve-ball for me was the news of a planned 6 inch Nexus from LG. But try as I might, my Google-fu gets nothing for the search term “jaws“—not even from Android Police.

Here are some links I did find:

Quick & Dirty Analysis

So it’s going to be sloppy seconds for Nexus fans this year, then?

If all this is true—and again, Android Police is pretty good with this stuff—I’m not sure how I feel about a “recycled” device meant for Android Silver. It’s already October, and I can’t see how Google is going to go ahead and announce this thing by the end of the month if Motorola doesn’t even have the final hardware ready.

I can add only one personal observation to all this conjecture. I was also at the Moto event with Howard this week; just for fun I asked about the Moto Nexus, expecting to be answered with a wry smile and something along the lines of: “We don’t comment on rumours.” Instead the room immediately went quiet. Awkwardly quiet.