Camping Out for the iPhone 6? This Thread’s for You!

iPhone... Woo!

With Apple fans around the world lining up for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we can all share our experiences, observations and/or thoughts. I mean, everyone’s got Tapatalk or the HowardForums app on whatever they’re using now, right? Right?!!

I’ll share some stuff I’ve found here on the sidelines to get us started.

If you didn’t pre-order your device, which I presume means that you can visit your local Apple Store and purchase it at your leisure tomorrow, said Apple Stores are trying out a new “virtual queue” this year for those lining up. From 9to5Mac:

This new system is called Reservation Pass. It will sync with back-of-house inventory information in real-time so Apple doesn’t handout too many product reservations. Customers will receive their digital reservation card via SMS or Email. A reservation allows the customer to come back at any point during the day to make their purchase.

Seems like a great idea. But would you trust this system enough to give up your spot in the physical line?

Now the bad news: According to CNET Apple has banned an iPhone app called MiQueue, a utility designed to crowdsource wait-times at Apple Stores. That seems like a great idea too. Oh, well…

The Economic Times of India has a slide show of soon-to-be iPhone 6 owners camping out in Tokyo, New York City, and Sydney. And speaking of Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald has some advice for iPhone die-hards down-under: head to a carrier shop.

Mobile phone retailers are attempting to woo diehard Apple fans away from Apple’s own stores with live music and free coffee ahead of the iPhone 6 release on Friday morning. Those queueing at Telstra flagship stores—George Street, Sydney; Bourke Street, Melbourne; Queen Street, Brisbane; and Rundle Mall, Adelaide—are promised prizes, coffee, a DJ and comfy beanbags, and a few seconds of fame on LED screens “connecting” them with fans at other major stores.

Though I myself have never had the pleasure, I can’t imagine that camping out in front of a carrier shop in Canada would be anywhere near as fun as an Apple Store proper. It might make for a good back-up plan, though.

Honestly, I would think that camaraderie—the chance to hang out with fellow Apple enthusiasts—would be a big draw for those lining up, or at least an added benefit. But for some, it’s opportunity that beckons. The Daily Mirror Online reports that the first person in the queue at the London Apple Store is only there to sell his spot. And “entrepreneurs” seeking to profit from the delayed launch of the new iPhones in China, are apparently offering Vancouver-area line sitters up to $200 to purchase additional unlocked devices, according to iPhone in Canada.

At any rate, it won’t be long now—Apple Stores across North America are set to open early at 8:00am tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to share anything relevant in this thread. Oh, and one more thing… Have fun out there, and be excellent to each other!