Fact-Checking the Apple Haters

Apple Haters - Phone Cover

Hey, I’m no hater. But I am, at least for the moment, beholden to that other, green robot-themed smartphone OS. As such I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I’m more excited by the blowback to Apple’s latest product announcements than the products themselves. To find the source of all this hate you need to look no further than Google+, the social network pretty much forced on Android users (though not without its merits).

The shameless displays of fanboyism that you’re about to see have been +1’d and re-shared over and over again. Some of it has proven popular enough to make the jump to other sites like Twitter and Imgur. But instead of joining in on the cyber-high-fives I’m taking a step back to look at this stuff through a more objective lens. And remember, I’m an Android user, so this is a big deal!

iPhone 6

Apple Haters - Nexus

This infographic was authored by Ron Amadeo, an editor for Ars Technica. It’s very clever and right on the mark—except that the Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE and the iPhone 6 will most likely have a significantly better camera. But for the average Android fan who cares not for details, OH SNAP!

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple Haters - iVerge

I’m actually having trouble tracking down the original source for this—not only has it been re-shared multiple times, its been re-sized as well. This is probably a good time to remind you that I’ve written about “iVerge” before

There is some merit, I suppose, to the criticism of Apple so vehemently defending the iPhone’s relatively diminutive size for so long, only to make it taller, then wider, later. But for Apple to say that they’ll never, ever do something and then actually go ahead and do it, well… That’s classic Apple, at least as I remember it from my days as an Apple customer.

Apple Pay

Apple Haters - Apple Pay

Meh, too easy

I’ve resigned myself to the inevitable truth that there will never be one ubiquitous standard for mobile wallets outside of Japan. Here in Canada, at least, there are just too many interests to protect. Maybe I’ll just tape my PayPass credit card to my Nexus and call it a day.

Apple Watch

I thought this was pretty clever, and not without some truth.

As someone who dropped $250 CAD on an LG G Watch and had the novelty of Android Wear wear off rather quickly, I feel have some authority to publicly express my opinions in regards to smartwatches. And when it comes to the Apple Watch, it’s interface makes no sense to me.

The home screen, to me, looks way too busy to useful in the way that people normally interact with watches. Think about how you would normally use one; you lift your wrist, look at the face, check the time and you’re done. Swiping away notifications with Android Wear is already asking a lot of the user; I’m not at all convinced that inputting data or viewing photos is a good idea on such a small screen.

At least Apple users now have something to compete with Android Wear. But that’s also a problem for anyone who wants to use an Apple watch with their Android device, or vice versa. If Apple is hoping to duplicate the success of the original iPod, a device that worked with both Macs and Windows PCs, I think they kind of blew it.

Then again, the same accusing finger could be pointed at Android Wear. I guess I could take this whole “wearable” movement more seriously if devices were brought to market as standalone products, rather than an accessory to lock you in to one platform or another.

Hey, haters gonna hate… 😉