Rogers Offers 30 GB of Data for $190/month

Ted Rogers

I’m not sure how I feel about this…

This morning I woke up to news that Rogers has a new data option for heavy users and/or their families, offering 30 GB of data for $190/month. When you add on the mandatory cellular service that comes with it, it’s more like $240 or $250.

On one hand, the price per gigabyte is actually pretty low; at $6.33, it’s better than the $8/GB I get on my Rogers hotspot flex-something-or-other plan. On the other hand, the last time my cellular bill from a Canadian carrier was over two hundred bucks was ten years ago when I used my Fido SIM in South Africa to call my mom and say hi . That was stupid.

Does sharing data make this plan any more reasonable? Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’ve got five people in a household seeking a still-generous 6 GB of data each, and each has their own unlocked device. The cost per user would work out like this:

$190 + (5 x $50) = $440 / 5  = $88 per person (plus taxes)

That’s a better deal than the $115/month that a single BYOD user would pay for the same 6 GB.

But again, if you’re a single user and take a device subsidy on this 30 GB plan then the cost is bumped up to $250/month. For the sake of comparison, here are some other things that $250 can get you in Canada:

Don’t get me wrong, If someone else was paying my bill I could probably find a way to burn through 30 gigs of mobile data every month. Not so sure that I’d be willing to pay over two hundred bucks out of my own pocket, though… How about you?