AFK for 2 Weeks – Here’s What to Expect When I Get Back

Kangaroo on Beach

If you frequent the front page of these fine forums here’s a little fyi: as of this weekend I’m off on my summer vacation and you likely won’t hear from me again until Monday, August 18th. Just so you all don’t completely forget about me while I’m gone, here are some of the things that I’m planning to write about when I get back.

LG G Watch

Since my G Watch arrived from Google Play I’ve been silent on the subject of Android Wear; here’s why: I really did buy it for travelling. As I’m only flying a short hop on American Airlines I may not be able to perform the boarding-pass-on-my-wrist trick, but I do want to see if a “smartwatch” is generally a help or hindrance on the long overseas flight to follow.

Funny G Watch-related story… I actually haven’t been wearing it for the last week or so; I’ve been recovering from a nasty and infected cat bite (not from my cat). I spent two hours in the Emergency Room at Toronto General Hospital last Wednesday with a bulbous left hand that, thanks to a thrice-daily dose of antibiotics, has been slowly deflating ever since. Fortunately I’ve been able to type through the ordeal, but it was a pretty rough first couple of days.

Roam Mobility LTE

I’ll be spending most of Saturday afternoon with my girlfriend at JFK waiting for our connecting flight, so I signed us both up for the Roam Mobility LTE upgrade. I was considering activating a temporary line on WIND Mobile with that unlimited US Roaming option but, you know, LTE…

LTE in Australia

Speaking of LTE, remember back in March when I posted a somewhat random round-up of LTE networks in Australia? Turns out that’s exactly where we’re headed. When we land in Melbourne the plan is to find this Optus shop in the airport and grab us a pair of prepaid SIMs. Thanks to this thread on TripAdvisor it looks like we’ll both be getting the $30 AUD “starter pack”, currently on sale for $19. Sweet!

HoFo T.O. Meet-up

I see there’s a meet-up happening in on Friday August 15th. We actually land back in Toronto on the 14th, so  jet lag permitting, I’ll see my fellow T-dot peeps there.

In the meantime, I’m sure the front page will be in more than capable hands, and if I’m not mistaken Howard may have something special in the works for while I’m away. 😎 Looking forward to reading all about it when I get back!