Testing Two SIMs on the Firefox Flame

Firefox Flame Lock Screen

If I didn’t make it clear in my introductory post earlier this week, the Firefox Flame marks my first-ever experience with a dual-SIM device. I can think of at least two scenarios where this would be useful:  When you’re travelling you could use a local SIM for data and not miss any important calls or texts from home. And when you’re at home you could use a cheap, prepaid SIM for calls and texts and another for data with a more affordable tablet or hotspot plan.

That’s the theory, anyway; let’s see these duelling SIMs in action!

Firefox Flame SIM Trays

Here again is a look at the two SIM trays (and micro SD card slot) on the back of the device. Why no LTE? And why is one SIM limited to 2G? Well I’m no engineer, but I would imagine that the close proximity of two cellular radios in the same device might have something to do with it.

Firefox Flame SIM Settings

Managing a pair of SIMs, at least with a Firefox Flame, couldn’t be easier. The “SIM security” settings lets you assign a PIN to one or both SIM cards. Below that, it’s just a matter of divvying up responsibilities for each. Remember that, in this case, the slot for SIM 1 is 3G, so you’d likely want your data throughput there.

Anyway, once this was set up calls and texts worked exactly as expected.

Firefox Flame Speed Test

And now the bad news… Despite my LTE-grade Bell Mobility SIM the data speeds I’m getting aren’t great. Again, I can’t say for sure but I think it’s a compromise borne of having two cellular radios running on one device. I’ll do some more speed tests over the weekend, and if I can get results that are significantly better I’ll be sure to let you know.