The Great Case Debate

Nexus 5 S-Line Case

Something came up in my Google+ feed recently that I’m finally getting around to writing about today. A while ago YouTuber Marques K. Brownlee published a rather odd video rant entitled “The Problem with Phone Cases“. As someone who’s used some form of protection on his mobile devices from the very beginning, I personally don’t have a problem with cases at all.

Let’s see what the other side of this argument has to say.

Exhibit A:

Here’s the video posted by MKBHD:

TL;DW Cases are unnecessary, skins are just as good. The only red flag I’ll raise here is some possible bias vis-à-vis some recurring cross-promotions that I’ve seen between Mr. Brownlee and dbrand skins, like this one.

Exhibit B:

Some time later I caught this terse rebuttal on Google+ from XDA TV producer Adam Outler:

The only time a rubber case doesn’t work is on gravel.  They work great on hard surfaces. side impact gets spread out to an exponentially large size relative to the material and thickness of the case.

The science on this certainly seems plausible…

My Two Cents and a Question:

At some point the clumsy hands typing this have inevitably dropped just about every mobile device I’ve ever owned, and the only time I’ve had an issue is when said device wasn’t in a case. That’s not to say that I spend a lot of money on them—in the days before touch screens I used to order three-packs of cheap “crystal” cases from eBay; these days I’m a big fan of the “s-line case”, like the one you see protecting my Nexus 5 at the top of this post.

I’m not going to be the guy who’s going to tell you to do one thing or the other. I totally get that some people don’t want to sully the experience of using a premium device with a cheap and tawdry case; on the other hand, I also fully support those who want to protect their investment with a skin, a case or anything in between.

My question is, has anyone reading this ever damaged their phone while it was in a case?