A Big Day for Android in China

Xiaomi Mi4 in White

Yesterday Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi launched its latest flagship device, the Mi4. With a machined metal frame and swappable back covers it’s definitely a looker, and should prove to be a hit in Xiaomi’s home market and beyond.

Here’s how the Mi4 compares to Xiaomi’s previous flagship, the Mi3:

Mi4 vs. Mi3

Source: New Xiaomi Mi4 unveiled: here’s everything you need to know

Hugo Barra has also posted some Mi4-related photos to his Google+ account:

Mi4 in Black

The black version…

Mi4 Back Covers

… and a sneak peak at the custom back covers for the device.

Source: Mi 4: the fastest & most gorgeous Mi Phone ever

But wait, there’s more!

OnePlus One Bamboo Cover

You can now buy the official bamboo back cover for the OnePlus One in China; availability for the rest of the world is pending. Here’s a video accompanying the listing at the OnePlus online store:

Somewhere in there is a shot or two of the actual cover. 😉

The catch? It’s going to sell for $49 USD—fairly pricey for a $200 phone…