Flame: a Nexus for Firefox OS

Firefox Flame Back

Over the weekend I unboxed my Firefox Flame, a developer device for Firefox OS built by Alcatel. It’s not a flagship killer by any means, but it’s exponentially better in every way than the cheap, plastic ZTE Open I got from eBay last summer. The Flame is available from EverBuying.com for $170 USD. It’s unlocked two times over—that is to say, there’s not one but two SIM card trays on-board!

Firefox Flame Box (front)

Here’s the box, which got a bit banged up during shipping.

Wondering what T2Mobile is? So was I… Apparently it’s a subsidiary of TCL Corporation, the Chinese company who also owns the rights to Alcatel-branded mobile phones worldwide.

Firefox Flame Box (back)

The back of the box has the device specs in big print. Unfortunately there’s no support for either LTE or AWS, so my dreams of a usable phone signal with WIND Mobile‘s cheap data have already been quashed.

 Firefox Flame Box Contents

The contents of the box. From left to right: getting started guide and sticker, USB cable, USB recovery cable, worst earbuds ever, 1800mAh battery and device. What’s a USB recovery cable? According to an email I got from Everybuying:

This cable is only for EMERGENCY situation, and it is to rescue Flame when it is in ‘dead’ mode—a status that your Flame cannot power up by long-pressing the POWER button. This status is RARE in normal using. In case you phone is “dead”, please contact technical support flameservice@thundersoft.com for recovery cable’s operation instruction.

This recovery cable is NOT an normal USB cable, please keep it carefully and use the USB cable inside of the giftbox for daily use.


Firefox Flame SIM Trays

Here’s the microSD slot and two SIM trays, sitting underneath the 5 megapixel camera assembly.

Firefox Flame Home Screen

The Flame runs a pre-release version of Firefox OS, v1.3.0.0. The search bar across the top is kind of neat; I entered “going to dinner”, which returned a list of food and location-related apps on my device.

Firefox Flame Permissions Manager

Firefox OS now has a permissions manager? Cool!

Firefox Flame SIM Manager

And here’s where you manage your dual SIM cards. I’ll have to test this out with a couple of SIMs and get back to you; if you’ve any questions about the Flame and/or Firefox OS in the meantime, by all means ask away!