OnePlus One Informal Camera Tests

OnePlus One Camera

One of my favourite things about the OnePlus One is its excellent 13 megapixel camera which, when combined with some extremely versatile software from Cyanogen, makes for an amazing camera experience. From the mean streets of downtown Toronto, here’s just a taste of what you’re in for.

There are lots of photo settings to dive into, but most of the time you’ll be switching between two or more of the available presets. Thanks to the custom CyanogenMod camera app this couldn’t be easier—just swipe up or down on the preview screen, like so:

OnePlus One Auto OnePlus One HDR

Auto and HDR, the two settings you’ll likely be using the most…

OnePlus One Sepia OnePlus One Mono

Sepia and Mono, for the hipsters…

OnePlus One Aqua OnePlus One Posterize

Aqua and Posterize, because… why not?

OnePlus One Graffiti

To see some actual photo samples from my OPO, check out this graffiti walk I did in some back alleys the other day…


As good as the OPO’s camera is for stills, for video it’s even better. Some samples from the intersection of Queen and John Streets on a typical weekday afternoon:

Yup, the OnePlus One can capture video in 4K…

It can also shoot slow-motion video—60fps in this particular sample. I did have to scale the resolution down to 720p, though…

Time lapse at 4K—because again, why not?

I should also mention that sound capture is excellent, much better than on my Nexus 5. If you wanted a more in-depth comparison between those two devices and have about twenty minutes to spare, I highly recommend this YouTube video by OT4Tech.

Tomorrow I’ll post some more stuff about the hardware and my final verdict on the OnePlus One. Don’t miss it!