CyanogenMod 11S on the OnePlus One

As my first week with the OnePlus One continues, I’m getting to know its OS. I’m already very familiar with CyanogenMod—it was the first ROM I put on my Nexus One back in the day, and CM11 M8 is running on my Nexus 5 right now. But CyanogenMod on the OnePlus One is a bit of a different beast; version 11s is only available for this device.

Let’s have a look!

OnePlus One Home Screen

Here’s the OPO’s default home screen. Cyanogen calls it Trebuchet; it looks and acts a lot like the Google Now Launcher, with some notable exceptions: Google Now itself does not live one screen to the left of home and, perhaps more importantly, Trebuchet lets you remove that persistent search bar across the top of your screens.

That clock/weather widget comes bundled with CM as something called “cLock”; it’s also available for purchase in the Play Store as Chronus. More on those custom icons in a bit…

OnePlus One Lock Screen

I’m digging the clean look of this lock screen. You can also add widgets here if you like, but you can’t change the background colour of that big, blue block—at least not in this current version of CM.

OnePlus One Navigation Ring Targets

I switched from using the OPO’s capactive buttons to the on-screen ones for two reasons: (1) to access Google Now via the slide-up navigation ring, and (2) to add these very handy custom shortcuts.

OnePlus One Quick Settings Ribbon

Another OPO customization is this ribbon of quick settings across the top of the notification bar, a feature lifted from AOKP. Gotta give credit where it’s due!

OnePlus One Quick Tiles

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a custom Android ROM, these quick settings tiles are fully customizable. Take that, stock Android!

OnePlus One Themes

Here’s a feature that has made MIUI very popular in Asia and beyond: a storefront for custom themes. Lots of Android launchers have theme support—that is, support for custom wallpapers and app icons—but the themes here jave custom boot animations as well—just like MIUI!

OnePlus One AudioFX

As I mostly listen to podcasts I’ll plead ignorance on this particular feature, but audiophiles will no doubt appreciate CM’s new AudioFX app.

OnePlus One Privacy Guard

Finally, my favourite feature of CyanogenMod. I’ve written about Privacy Guard before; in the months since the Cyanogen team has re-jiggered it so it works almost exactly the same as the old LBE Privacy Guard bundled with MIUI. Turn this feature on and be amazed at what some app developers try to harvest from your device!

So that’s CyanogenMod on the OnePlus One… Tune in tomorrow for some pro tips on really making this device your own. 😎

8 thoughts on “CyanogenMod 11S on the OnePlus One”

  1. Hi, i just purchased my one plus one and still getting to know the CM OS.Is there any reason why the AM/PM doesnt show up on the clock widget in home page and the lock screen as well. Does it have something to the grid setting. I have it set as CONDENSED. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

    1. Sorry, I no longer have this device.

      Have you tried looking for widget settings, or playing with the size of the widgets themselves? That would be my first guess…

      1. Oh yes i did..that was my first guess also…It showed up and then i lost it.Now am not able to get it back.

  2. Hi acurrie
    was just curious..why dont you have the OPO any longer?im planning to get one.Any reason i should not?

    1. My only issue is with its size—I personally find it too big to be my daily driver, whereas the Nexus 5 fits me just right.

      It’s a great device, though, and I ended up buying another one to replace the one I sold. 😀

      1. ohh..ok..liked your reviews a lot..i am quite a petite person.When i checked out the sony xperia t3 i found it a little big,but manageable.Would you say that OPO and T3 are same size?Just want to get an idea about how the phone will feel in my hand..

      2. The T3 has a 5.3 inch display, right? The OPO is 5.5, so it’d be a bit bigger still.

        If you tend to use your phone with one hand the OPO might be too big for you. But that’s really the only drawback to a device with a big screen…

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