Getting Started with LG’s G Watch

G Watch Box

My LG G Watch arrived yesterday. This isn’t a loaner from LG, but something I paid for with my own hard-earned cash. I haven’t really been sold on smartwatches up to this point; what piqued my interest about Android Wear was this tweet, wherein YouTuber Marques Brownlee boards a flight with his boarding pass on his wrist. I’ll be travelling myself next month, and wanted to see what that would be like with Android Wear. I might hold off on a full review until after I get back; for now I’ll take you through the steps to get up and running.

G Watch Contents

So here’s what you get with Android Wear: a watch (obviously), charging cradle, USB cable and AC adapter plus a printed manual that you’ll probably never even open.

G Watch Mic

If you didn’t already know the G Watch has no buttons, camera or even a speaker. Output is limited to the 280 x 280 pixel screen and a vibrate function, which can be muted. The only input option is voice, via this mic below the watch face.

G Watch Back

Here’s the back of the G Watch, showing the contacts for the charger. The strap is comfortable enough. I chose the white and gold model; for me it’s a bit more of a fashion statement than the all-black version.

G Watch Cradle

Here’s the charging cradle. The back has a semi-sticky surface like LG’s wireless charger for the Nexus 5. For anyone who’s going to travel with their G Watch this is kind of a dumb idea, so I’m keeping the protective plastic cover on the back for as long as it will last.

G Watch Pair

To connect your phone to your Android Wear watch simply download the Android Wear app, turn Bluetooth on and pair the two devices.

G Watch Done

That was easy. Now back to the phone…

G Watch Downloading

I can’t say for certain what’s happening here, but I suspect that the watch is logging the installed apps on my phone so as to better identify notifications for me. The process took less than five minutes; after an immediate reboot the G Watch was ready to use.

So far I’ve only used my G Watch for an evening out with friends. It’s basically Google Now plus phone notifications on your wrist. Some of them you can interact with—you can reply by voice to a Google Hangout ping, for example. You can initiate some actions as well, like sending a text (again, via voice) or doing a simple Google search: “What’s the capital of Australia?”, “What time is it in Melbourne?” … that type of thing.

It’s actually pretty convenient to not have to pull your phone out of your pocket all the time. Is the convenience worth $249 CAD plus tax and shipping? You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.