Filipino Foodie Pics with the LG G3

For my informal camera test of LG’s 2014 flagship G3 I thought I’d try something a little different. Almost any phone camera can take decent pictures outside in bright sunlight; what about at the back of a restaurant, at a table lit by what seemed to be a 40 watt bulb?

That’s where my girlfriend and I found ourselves for dinner last night—at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen, a participant in Toronto’s annual Summerlicious Food Fest. The food was great, and thanks to the G3’s 13-megapixel laser-focusing camera the photos were pretty good too!

Kindly note that the images below are all embeds from my Flickr account; click through and see them at full resolution if you like…


The menu which, as I remember, was off-white and laminated. Laser auto focus ftw!

Mango Salad

My mango salad starter. Colours were muted but the plate in the background was white; you can definitely see some noise happening there. This is the worst pic of the bunch, I think.

Halo-Halo Sisig & Rice

My girlfriend had the halo-halo sisig and rice, a better appetizer and better photo as well. Too bad that calamansi fruit is out of focus…

Fried Chicken Adobo

My fried chicken adobo… Really impressed with the G3’s macro capabilities here.

Sarsi Sticky Ribs

The girlfriend’s Sarsi sticky ribs. Less noise on that white plate in this one…

Ovaltine Cheesecake & Ginataan Sundae

And finally, dessert: my Ovaltine cheesecake and her ginataan sundae… Colour reproduction is pretty much bang-on.

All of the photos above were captured with the default settings; only thing I did was turn off the flash. For all the discerning foodies out there, the G3’s excellent camera won’t let you down!