When Your OnePlus Number Comes Up

OnePlus Invite Claimed

I had pretty much given up on the OnePlus One, when suddenly…

The last “storm of invites” promo was just too much for me. Circle you on Google+? I can do that. Follow you on Twitter? Fine. “Like” you on Facebook? I don’t really use Facebook. Spam everyone I know on those networks with at least one sample of your incessant marketing? No thanks, I think I’m done.

I had resolved to buy myself another Nexus 5 (in red) and give my current N5 to my girlfriend. So imagine my surprise when a wild invite appeared in my inbox around lunchtime yesterday!  For me, the temptation to place an order proved too great to resist; here’s what to expect when your OnePlus number comes up.

Why Me?

As I didn’t fill any of the requirements to get in on the last batch of invites I headed over to the OnePlus forums to see what was what. There I found a thread entitled “July Plan for Early Supporters“. From the admin’s first post there:

In July, we will be focused on early supporters in a big way. We’ve gotten our components in place and raised our production yield rate. It’s the first month in which we’ll have significant production volumes, and it’s about time we hook our early members up.


Previously, we would include activity and other metrics in the mix in determining this. This time, it’s all about registration date. Going by registration date means that there will be a lot of people whose accounts aren’t active, which is why the early supporter invites in July will last 24 hours. As they expire, the next people in line will get them.

So the only requirement for this month’s invites is to be registered on the forums. This is the right way to go, I think. I registered my account there on April 17th, if you were wondering.

What to Expect

Once your invite is claimed you’ll have 24 hours to pull the trigger. If you really wanted to tempt fate you might be able to stall a bit longer by putting your purchase in your virtual shopping cart but not checking out. I resolved to buy my phone pretty quickly, so I myself didn’t try that.

OnePlus - Only One, Please!

The OnePlus online store won’t allow the purchase of multiple units from a single invite. This can only be a good thing for everyone else waiting on one.

OnePlus Address Glitch

Two notable things from this screen: (1) Shipping to the USA is a fairly reasonable $11.99, and (2) there was an odd glitch that prevented me from completing my purchase. When I had registered my OnePlus account I didn’t include my billing and shipping addresses. If you enter a separate billing and shipping address here the “place order” button will be greyed out.

OnePlus Place Order

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: In a separate browser window or tab you can add as many addresses as you like to your OnePlus account profile—once that’s done just refresh your checkout page and you can select any of those addresses from a drop-down list. And then place your order!

Note that shipping to Canada is $27.99 USD. At least it’s “express”, whatever that means…

After I placed my order I logged in to my credit card account and saw that my card was charged for this $376.99 USD purchase a total of $414.53 CAD. For the sake of comparison, a 32GB Nexus 5 from the Google Play store would cost $467.86 CAD when shipped to the same Toronto address.

My order is currently listed in the OnePlus store as “processing”. I’ve no idea how long it will take to ship; I’ll keep you posted on that!