Piecing Together the iPhone 6 with MKBHD


I’m a big fan of Marques K. Brownlee’s Quality Tech Videos. He tends to skew towards Android on the smartphone front, but I wouldn’t call him an Apple hater by any means—he edits all of his YouTube uploads on a tricked-out Mac Pro. Based solely on some parts procured from suppliers, he’s produced a pair of videos about the forthcoming iPhone 6. I thought them worthy of sharing here.

Both videos highlight the detective work of Sonny Dickson who, somehow from Melbourne, Australia, has managed to find at least two items of interest from Apple’s manufacturing partners. The first is a reference design of the phone itself for case makers:

Design highlights include:

  • Rounded edges (like the HTC One M8)
  • Bigger screen (4.7 inches) and bezels
  • Thinner (6 millimetres)

Apparently the screen will have a 960 x 1704 pixel resolution, though there’s no direct citation for that in the video itself. There are also rumours about a larger 5.5 inch iPhone, which will supposedly come to market as the iPhone Air.

This first video was uploaded to YouTube on May 25th; just yesterday MKBHD posted another iPhone 6 missive, this one featuring the sapphire glass front panel of the device:

Previous iPhones—the 5s, anyway—had sapphire glass covering the camera lens and home button only. I myself only heard about sapphire crystal via the ill-fated Ubuntu Edge; the material certainly looks impressive. And expensive.

I know that some of you are already discussing the iPhone 6 in the Apple forum, but didn’t see either of these videos there. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂