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If you’ve never heard of a reddit AMA, “AMA” stands for “ask me anything”. Some very notable public figures have taken to the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet” to answer questions from the community there—like US President Barack Obama, for example.

Based on last Friday’s post I hosted my own humble AMA on r/Android over the weekend, learning a few things about LG’s new G3 along the way.

Early on I was asked to compare the G3’s screen with any other phones I had handy. Here’s my reply:

LG G3 Screen

That’s the Moto G on the left, Nexus 5 in the middle and the LG G3 on the right. All are displaying the reddit app BaconReader at full brightness; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

LG G3 Halo Effect

This photo represents my attempt to capture the G3’s “halo effect”—that is, the aggressive and artificial sharpening of text on the device’s Quad HD screen. It’s most noticeable in the very specific scenario of pulling down the notification bar over a text-heavy web page. I don’t really see it as a problem, as in this example you’d be more interested in the notification than the text underneath. But for others—like YouTuber Erica Griffin—it’s a big deal.

The general consensus on r/Android seems to be that the G3 would have been fine—arguably better, in fact—with a 1080p screen rather than this Quad HD business. I would tend to agree.

Finally, the inevitable question came up: How does the G3 compare to the other flagships of 2014 so far? This is an almost impossible question to answer, as smartphones are so incredibly personal and what you and I are looking for in a device might be entirely different. For me, the unlockable bootloader on the Nexus 5 trumps anything else on the market right now… See what I mean?

I will say that I personally find Samsung’s Galaxy S5 a bit “joyless” in design, and while I prefer HTC Sense to whatever LG calls their ROM I suspect that the G3 will deliver a superior camera experience. Again, that’s just me.

If you wanted to see reddit’s hive mind come at me you can find my G3 AMA right here.

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  1. Had this phone a whole day before realizing it had 32 GB from AT&T.

    Wondering if I received it by accident. Did NOT expect this from
    AT&T in the U.S. So far I love this phone.

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