Moto 360 – The Android Wear You Want

Moto 360

So the first two devices with Android Wear, LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live, are now available for purchase from the Google Play Store—in both the United States and Canada, I might add. And as I figured, Google is still taking orders for both of them the morning after. There’s no mass hysteria among the Android faithful like there was with, say, the Nexus 4, and I think I know why:

The Moto 360 is the Android Wear you want, if you want Android Wear at all.

Anticipation for the 360 is palpable. It is, after all, the most watch-like of smartwatches announced thus far. From The Verge:

Motorola executives told me that when they started the project they asked a bunch of children to draw a watch. They all drew round ones, so Motorola had its design.

A seemingly obvious thing like this can make all the difference between a must-have gadget and a flop. Moto seems to have made the right choice; apparently there was quite the long line-up at Google I/O yesterday to get some hands-on time with one. I think The Verge does a particularly good job in situations like this. Here’s their video report:

Writers from other big blogs were also queuing up for a turn with the Moto 360. Here’s what Mashable had to say:

While the Android Wear smartwatches from Samsung and LG are cute gadgets, Motorola’s smartwatch is a piece of technology you covet. In that way it reminded me of what I felt when I first touched an iPad…

Staff from The Next Web were there as well:

I loved the Moto 360 as soon as I tried it on – it’s not like the rest of the smartwatches and wearables that don’t look natural, instead, it just looks like a slightly large watch. It blends in and it looks/feels good.

Finally, the folks at Engadget thoughtfully weighed the pros and cons of the Moto 360 vs. the Android Wear from LG and Samsung:

The Moto 360 has been the most buzzed-about Android Wear watch to date, and for good reason. In terms of style, there’s no contest — the round display and luxurious materials not only make this the best-looking Android Wear device so far, but the only one that could pass as a conventional watch at first glance. Motorola has also been far more eager to embrace third-party watch faces, some of which already use the circular layout to good effect.

I myself am still on the fence about smartwatches in general. When I spent a weekend with the original Galaxy Gear what I enjoyed the most was its onboard sneaky-cam, a feature not present on these new Android Wear devices. But if the rumoured price of $249 USD turns out to be true then the Moto 360 would be fairly tempting, even for a non watch-user like me!