SyrupCast – A Mobile Podcast for Canada

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Here’s my second podcast plug of the week. Hey, what’s more mobile than hearing about mobiles while you’re mobile?

A few days ago I wrote about 361 Degrees, a weekly podcast from the UK featuring interviews with various industry movers and shakers. Today  it’s SyrupCast which, as far as I know, is the first and only Canadian podcast dedicated to mobile phones and tech.

As you can probably guess, SyrupCast comes from the good folks at Mobile Syrup—specifically bloggers Dan Bader and Douglas Soltys. The almost hour-long first episode ends up falling into two parts:

Rogers Rate Increases

We already know about how Rogers customers coming out of their current contracts are being forced onto the newer, more expensive share plans, and how the $30/6GB grandfathered data add-on isn’t so grandfathered after all. One thing I didn’t realize about the data add-on is that the new pricing will give those who take it all the benefits of Canada’s new Wireless Code. Still worth it?

BlackBerry Classic

On the heels of a Mobile Syrup story about the enduring popularity of BlackBerries in Toronto comes a discussion of the new BlackBerry Classic—or why anyone would pay four hundred bucks for what seems like the Bold 9900, a handset you can still find on eBay for much, much less. It made me wonder about the future of BlackBerry’s Internet Service (BIS), not required for BB10 and surely some costly infrastructure that Canada’s beleaguered handset maker could do without.

Anyway, all the details you’ll need to subscribe are available at Mobile Syrup. It’s about time somebody launched a Canada-specific podcast about mobiles, and this one’s not a bad start!