A Closer Look at the Rogers Moto G LTE

This morning I fired up a pre-production, locked-to-Rogers, LTE-powered Moto G. Here in Canada it will be exclusive to Rogers and Fido at launch, retailing for $225 to $275 outright or $0 on a contract.

Let’s see what’s new!

Moto G LTE Slots

Just like the last Moto G I tested, this new LTE version has a back cover that’s  every bit as difficult to pry off. Maybe it’s just my short fingernails… Anyway, this new G has the same non-removable battery and huge speaker as the original, plus a few changes: a micro SD slot is now where the SIM slot used to be; the spring-loaded micro SIM slot is now on the opposite side below the power and volume buttons.

Moto G LTE Privacy 1 Moto G LTE Privacy 2

So if Google tracking your every move wasn’t enough, Motorola wants some of that action too. Fortunately, you can opt out of it.

Moto G LTE Migrate

Moto’s migration utility, for anyone who needs it…

Moto G LTE Home Screen Moto G LTE Rogers Bloat

And here’s your home screen. A single folder sparsely populated with Rogers bloat is hiding one screen to the right.

Despite running the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat there’s no Google Now Launcher on the Moto G, nor can it be installed after the fact. And curiously, Hangouts isn’t the default for SMS by default.

Moto G LTE Speed Test

What a difference LTE makes! According to Howard the new G supports LTE Bands 4/7/8/17—here’s a cheat sheet from Wikipedia for the equivalent frequencies.

Moto G LTE Benchmarks

Benchmark results from AnTuTu—take that, Xiaomi Redmi

Moto G LTE Protection

Aside from the pre-installed apps Rogers doesn’t really get in the way of using the Moto G; Motorola, however, definitely makes its presence known. At some point you’ll be prompted to sign up for their free phone protection service.

Moto G LTE Windy Day

You’ll also see that infamous red hat float across your screen and get the chance to play Windy Day, via the Motorola Spotlight Player.

So there’s a first look at the new LTE Moto G. If you’ve any additional questions about it, ask away…

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  1. Hi I have a question. Do you know if it is possible to buy the Moto-G LTE from Rogers, without any additional plan or fee – basically for the 225 + tax? (For the purpose of unlocking and using let’s say in Europe)


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