EC Technology’s Ten-Dollar External Battery

EC Tech and Japtron Chargers

ABC—Always Be Charging. That’s been my mantra from day one as a user of the power-hungry Android OS. But it was only a few years ago when I finally purchased my first portable charger, a lipstick-sized Japtron that was all the rage in early 2012 Hong Kong. I paid $268 HKD for it, about $34.50 USD. Now there’s a Chinese company selling a similar charger on Amazon.

For ten bucks.

Full disclosure: Someone from EC Tech contacted me via the forums and sent a pair of 2600mAh portable chargers for my girlfriend and I to test. But you needn’t worry about yours truly being swayed by freebies; I paid UPS about as much in import fees as you’d pay Amazon to buy them outright.

EC Tech Unboxing

The chargers shipped in the plain cardboard boxes seen above. A USB cable is included but you’ll have to supply your own USB to AC connector, or use the charger from your phone. The batteries reach a full charge within eight hours, and discharge in about half of that. Despite the 2600mAh rating neither charger was able to fully charge the 2300mAh battery in my Nexus 5’s . To be fair, though, the Japtrons never did it either.

Speaking of my Japtrons, EC Tech improves on them in a couple of ways. A flashlight is built into one end of the battery, handy if your phone doesn’t have a torch function. What I especially like is the way that power automatically flows from the moment I connect the charger to my phone; the only button on the EC Tech battery is the one that turns the flashlight on and off.

Unfortunately my girlfriend and I are already invested in a pair of 10000 mAh portable chargers from Anker. They’re a lot heavier but I find it easier to hold my phone with a charger of similar size and shape; the EC charger’s cylindrical shape is a bit more awkward in the hand.

Still, ten bucks is impulse purchase territory. Even if they won’t fully charge your device you’ll still have an extra hour or two of available power on hand for whenever you need it. Currently these chargers ship to the US, UK and Germany. If they’re available where you live I’d say get one!