Koodo HSPA+ vs LTE

Here’s a quick observation for Koodo subscribers about their 3G vs. 4G service. I don’t know why I didn’t think of looking into this sooner; both my girlfriend and I use Android on Koodo—me a Nexus 5 with LTE and her a non-LTE hand-me-down Nexus 4. While having lunch the other day it suddenly occurred to me: We should compare data speeds.

The results were closer than you might think.

Koodo LTE

Here’s a sample speed test from my Nexus 5 in Toronto’s Chinatown. Not too bad for what must be a fairly congested area, although I’ve gotten more symmetrical down/up speeds in the past. Also not as fast as TELUS proper, I imagine. I got much faster download speeds on a Bell HTC M8 not too far from here—and Bell and TELUS share towers, don’t they?

Koodo HSPA+

And here are the results from the girlfriend’s Nexus 4 at the same spot. The higher ping time is an anomaly; I did some subsequent comparisons around our neighbourhood and her ping times are pretty much identical to mine. Really, the only difference is the upload speed. It might be iffy for video chatting, but I can say with some authority that a consistent 1Mbps up would be the envy of every WIND Mobile subscriber—in downtown Toronto, at least!

So if you’re considering Koodo with a non-LTE device—the Moto G, a Xiaomi Mi3, Oppo N1—it looks to me like you won’t be lacking in ping times or download speeds, only uploads.

I wonder if Koodo users in other parts of the country see the same difference between HSPA+ and LTE, and what 3G vs. 4G data is like with other carriers… Enlighten me, please!