A Country Breakfast with the HTC One M8

What follows is a real-world test of the 4 mega—sorry, UltraPixel camera on my locked-to-Bell HTC One M8. That is to say, it’s not an exhaustive review of the camera and available features by any means, but rather a taste of what it’s like to use when out and about.

Case in point: early yesterday morning saw a double breakfast date somewhere on Highway 10 at the Caledon Family Restaurant. Good conversation and a full table of food didn’t afford a proper test of everything the M8’s Duo Camera can do, but the results will at least give you a Sense (get it?) of what can be achieved with a modicum of effort.

Caledon Family Restaurant

With proper lighting—in this case, a bright sun behind me—the M8 delivers a nicely-exposed shot with good colour saturation.

What immediately struck me about the M8’s camera is how fast you can capture a photo. I’m used to what seems like a second or so of lag with my Nexus 5; the M8 seems instantaneous in comparison.

Caledon Family Restaurant - 100% crop

A 100% crop of the first image—not bad detail for only 4 megapixels.

M8 Camera Interface

Here’s what you see when you first boot up the M8’s camera app. Had I more time I would have ventured beyond the basic photo functionality.

M8 Camera Filters

Pancake fries. My life will never be the same.

After you’ve captured your photo the M8 gives you lots of options to tweak it. The grab above shows how HTC has gone the Flickr route in giving their filters whimsical and mostly non-descriptive names. Here’s the entire list:


Not sure why the names are in caps. Maybe Instagram trademarked all the good ones?

“Effects” make use of the M8’s unique Duo Camera. Unbeknownst to me, none of the photos I took yesterday are compatible. Boo…

If the year-end videos you got from Facebook and Google+ have you jonesing for more, the M8’s gallery app generates a daily highlight reel of your photos, which you can either save to your device or upload (I think) to your Zoe account. Obviously, the more and varied photos you have, the more interesting your highlight reel will be.

Even without all the fancy add-ons the M8’s camera seems capable enough. For me, the low pixel count is more than offset by the extremely fast capture. As with any camera phone, you’ll get the best results when you get more familiar with what it can (and can’t) do.