Setting up the HTC One M8

Last night, in a dingy warehouse high above the mean streets of downtown Toronto, a suspicious-looking character slipped something into my jacket pocket as he brushed by. It was Howard, at an HTC launch event, handing off a locked-to-Bell HTC One M8 for me to play with over the weekend.

HTC’s 2014 hero device has been photographed by Howard, reviewed by Steve Punter (who I also had the pleasure of meeting last night), and compared to Samsung’s GS5 by Howard again. Now it’s my turn.

As I have the M8 in my possession for only a few precious days, I plan to make the most of it. I was up early this morning to set it up. Here’s what that process looks like…

M8 Welcome

Does the M8 already know where I am? I think it’s just the Bell firmware.

M8 WiFi

Can you guess which WiFi network is mine? Hint: I’m not really into the whole Narnia thing…

M8 Got Google?

Three screens in and we’re already at the familiar Google sign-in. We should be up and running in no time!

M8 Keyboard

My first look at the M8’s virtual keyboard—no swiping but there’s some nice haptic feedback, at least.

M8 Google Services

Google’s auto backup and restore has never really worked for me. How about you?

M8 HTC Advantage

50GB of Google Drive storage for 2 years? Not a bad deal.

M8 HTC Permissions

Hmm… maybe not.

M8 Setup from Computer

If you wanted to, you could use a desktop web browser (and an HTC account) to push content to your M8. You’d do this via a code on your phone which you’d enter at

M8 Transfer/Restore

HTC’s backup and restore, for those who’ve not had the pleasure of using TitaniumBackup. 😉

M8 Sync

So when I last used an HTC device full time—the Amaze from WIND Mobile back in 2011—connecting my device to Twitter in the manner shown above added a bunch of cruft to my address book. Buyer beware.

M8 Personalize

Almost there!

M8 Backup

Oh, come on…

M8 Tell HTC

So is HTC going to reimburse me for data charges? Didn’t think so.

M8 Tell Google

This I don’t get at all—I ticked these exact same boxes when I signed in to my Google account.

M8 Lockscreen

Finally, some 15 screens later, I’m ready to use my M8. And it looks like I have a voicemail… Wonder what that’s about?

More screen grabs to follow. If you’ve any questions about the M8 I’m at your service!