Koodo’s Best Bargain

I’m a happy Nexus 5 owner, yet here I am talking myself into a Samsung…?

I put the blame squarely on my carrier; Koodo, it seems, has a better than average lineup of competitively-priced handsets. Virgin Mobile may have undercut them by a penny on the Moto G, but Koodo still has the best unsubsidized price I’ve seen for the BlackBerry Q5.

And there’s one handset in Koodo’s current lineup that in my opinion is the best bargain of all: Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, for only $350 outright.

Koodo's Galaxy Note II

The going rate for this year’s Note 3 seems to be between $700 and $800 without a subsidy; does Koodo’s Note II give you more than half that phone for potentially less than half the price?

To answer that, here’s a video comparison from Android Authority. Try not to cringe too much when the narrator introduces himself… 😉

Peace out, brah!

If video isn’t your thing, here’s a quick and dirty comparison courtesy of MobileBurn, which I’ve updated just a bit to reflect the current specs of Koodo’s Note II:

Samsung Galaxy Note II Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Software: Android 4.3 Android 4.3
Dimensions: 151 x 80.5 x 9.4mm
(5.94 x 3.17 x 0.37in)
151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm
(5.9 x 3.11 x 0.33in)
Weight: 182g / 6.42oz 168g / 5.9oz
Display: 5.5 inches, 720p 5.7 inches, 1080p
Battery: 3,100 mAh 3,200 mAh
Processor: 1.6 GHz quad-core (ARM A-9) 2.3 GHz quad-core (Snapdragon 800)
Storage: 16GB internal
64GB microSD
32GB internal
64GB microSD
Camera: 8.0-megapixel main camera
1.9-megapixel front camera
13-megapixel main camera
2-megapixel front camera
Connection: LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA, MHL LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA, MHL, IR LED Remote

Except for the onboard storage I’d say they compare pretty well! I should also remind you that the Note II doesn’t have any of the bizarre region-locking that you’d have to deal with on the Note 3.

Hopefully you’ll agree that the Koodo’s Note II is a pretty fantastic deal. The original outright price was $500; I could have sworn it was only $300 a few days ago but I must be mistaken.

Of course, for the same $350 you could buy yourself a pair of Moto G’s and have enough left over to get them unlocked. Decisions, decisions…