Another “Tap and Pay” Contender for Canada

I’m a little more hopeful about the future of mobile wallets in this country, and specifically the “tap and pay” functionality, as of late.

The banks and credit card companies are as clueless as ever, colluding with carriers to produce proprietary NFC-enabled SIM cards—in blatant disregard for any near field communication technology already present on their customers’ phones. And such “solutions” are nowhere near as popular (or elegant) as the humble Starbucks app, still the reigning champion of mobile wallets in North America.

Toronto-based SmoothPay is a promising up-and-comer (albeit in a very small area of service), and now Mobile Syrup reports that a bigger player is coming to town: PayPal.

PayPal for Android

I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but with over 50 establishments in Toronto supporting it I imagine I’ll have the opportunity soon enough. While I’d still prefer a more universal solution like tap and pay via Google Wallet, I’d much rather populate my phone with multiple mobile wallets than be locked in to any specific combination of bank and telco.

Seriously, you need to watch this demo of some MasterCard bullshit to see how much these people don’t get it:

Three minutes to buy a bobblehead with your phone? Cool story, bro…

I can appreciate that not everyone is a fan of mobile wallets; PayPass and PayWave are fairly convenient in their own right. I guess what makes me such a tap and pay fanboy is all those of years of built-up jealousy over Japanese keitai.

Hey, if it takes a thousand different apps like Starbucks, SmoothPay and PayPal to make our financial institutions see the error of their ways, then bring it on. It’s disruption of the best possible kind—death by a thousand cuts, if you will… 😈