HTC One M8 Release Round-up

HTC One M8

This week saw the release of possibly the most-leaked Android smartphone ever, the HTC One M8. It’s only been out for a few days but the web has been quick to respond, with lots of videos and write-ups about HTC’s 2014 flagship.

As one of my duties here is to gather up the daily news for the general mobile discussion forum, I’ve cherry-picked the best content that I’ve seen about the M8 and put it here in one place for your reading—and viewing—enjoyment.

Let’s get to it…


YouTuber Marques Brownlee went to the M8 launch event in New York City, and has already posted a pair of videos about the device.

His “first impressions” video—shot, edited and uploaded on launch day. Everything gets high praise except for the rear-facing UltraPixel camera. Uh-oh.

Here’s his demo of the M8’s unique Dot View Case. It’s pretty cool.

The Verge

Dan Seifert reports in from San Francisco with a backgrounder on the M8’s development and launch. This video is embedded in a larger feature, ominously titled Can HTC thrive in a Samsung world?

Back in New York David Pierce takes a critical look at the M8, and also finds the camera lacking. The video is part of their larger review.

Mobile Syrup

For those of us north of the 49th parallel Dan Bader has details on the availability from carriers here. You can order one from Bell or TELUS right now; Rogers soon.

Android Police

If you’re a fan of HTC’s industrial design but don’t care so much for BlinkFeed or Sense, you can purchase an M8 Developer Edition from HTC for $649 USD, or reserve a Google Play Edition for $699.


The evil geniuses at iFixit got hold of an M8 and gave it their usual teardown treatment. If you find that the smarmy host in the video is getting on your nerves, you can opt for the photo essay instead.

Feel free to add any links and discuss the M8 below!