The Verge’s Podcasting Hiatus

The Verge Mobile Show

Okay, so this might not be the most earth-shattering news to kick off the week with, but for me at least it’s bad news all the same. In the latest episode of The Vergecast it was announced that the show is going on hiatus. And The Verge Mobile Show is apparently following suit.

I don’t think anyone would argue that The Verge is one of, if not the most popular tech blogs out there. Former Engadget editor Josh Topolsky clearly made the right move when he struck out on their own, taking some of Engadget’s best and brightest with him. With such a deep pool of talent podcasts from The Verge can’t help but be good.

The Verge Mobile Show

Case in point, their weekly podcast devoted to mobile technology. Hosts Dieter Bohn, Chris Ziegler, Dan Seifert and Vlad Savov clearly know their stuff—even the show’s producer, Evan Rodgers, has proven himself worthy of joining in on the discussion in recent episodes.

There are moments when the journalist becomes the fanboy—Ziegler in particular is often heard to utter some variation of “iPhone is better… it just is“. And sometimes the cynicism of a jaded tech writer rears its ugly head. Another Mobile World Congress where you have to fly to Spain on someone else’s dime and check out new phones before anyone else? Poor you…

Minor criticisms aside, if you were looking for high-level discussion of mobile technology, The Verge Mobile Show is where you’d find it.

The Vergecast

The Verge Mobile Show is captured from various locations via Google Hangouts; The Vergecast is most often recorded in studio from New York, and most often hosted by Josh Topolsky. For me it feels very much like drinks after work—the rather obvious pints of beer and/or glasses of wine on camera would attest to that.

It seems like a weekly wrap-up of stories posted to the site is the loose premise for The Vergecast, but the show is absolutely not a regurgitation of stuff you’ve already read. Tangents and non sequiturs are the order of the day; you might have to suffer through ten minutes of an inane discussion about nothing until suddenly you find yourself in the middle of really interesting debate.

As a testament to The Vergecast’s popularity, there’s a spirited and ongoing discussion about its hiatus on The Verge proper.

Filling The Void


So in the interest of sharing, here are the current podcasts that I’m subscribed to:

Not all of them are mobile-related—or even tech-related, for that matter. Nonetheless, The Verge’s two podcasts together account for more than a fifth of my weekly listening. If you’ve a mobile and/or tech podcast that you want to recommend, here’s your chance.

In the meantime I’ll hope that The Verge’s podcast hiatus is short-lived, and that they’ll soon return to their former glory—as seen in this vintage Vergecast clip:

A quick warning to Samsung users: there’s more than a bit of thinly-veiled Touchwiz-bashing here. You can take it. 😉